About the Project:

Year: 2018
Production: Diko Creative / Big Little Pictures
Location: Tahoe, California

6×30 second spots for outdoor lifestyle brand, Rumpl.

Rumpl is the blanket for anywhere. On your bed, attached to your mountain side campsite, in your surf bag, you get the idea. When Rumpl moved from San Francisco to Portland and got ready for their true launch, we helped introduce them to the US with a series of pre-roll videos. The campaign helped legitimize Rumpl as a serious outdoor goods company with 20-somethings and, just as important, with their many budding brand partnerships. The trick to it all was looking and feeling like a major player, while only spending little league dollars. We pulled it all off – concepting, production and media, with only $50,000. And success? Sales are up and revenue is up. That’s good. The unexpected effect that has the client doing cartwheels is that it makes them seem like a major player to their distribution partners and most importantly, for their major brand partnerships that are forthcoming.

Awards: 2018 Dallas Society Bronze Bulb Award